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A mission planting movement
Mentoring new mission leaders and potential mission leaders to see people from their nation take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Core Principles

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Each Nations has its Gifts and Calling

It will take the particular strengths of each nation to complete the task of world evangelisation. We encourage leaders to bring the gifts of their home culture whilst adapting to the new culture God has called them into.

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A Cross-centred Life

People are naturally self-centred, but Jesus invites us to lay down our own concerns and follow Him. There is freedom in submission to God and to the principles He has laid out in His Word, the Bible.

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Worship and Celebration

Though we work in a world full of suffering, and that suffering is very real, we choose to work from heaven’s perspective, not focusing on the problems, but on the presence and the promises of God.

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Teaching and modeling listening to the Lord, not just talking to Him. Jesus has prepared everything for us, our part is to listen and obey.

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Discipleship Resource

Course on Prayer

Prayer defies definition just as love defies definition.  The two are very much related to one another.  Prayer and love permeate the whole of the Bible and will not be boxed in.  They are open to all: rich, poor, educated, uneducated.  Prayer is the most powerful love gift of all.  It enables us to talk with and to hear our Creator.  It allows us to work with the Lord to shape the destiny of the nations.

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